Dream Career with us?

Are you tired of your boss treating you like a nobody?

Have you dreamt of a job that is fun, easy and allows you to spend time with your family?

Well, if you have wished for these things then becoming a property agent is the right career for you. You can enjoy the flexibility of controlling and handling your own business and at the same time schedule your day according to your whims and fancies.

The job of a property agent has lots of perks and benefits. For one thing, there is no limit to how much you earn! You can earn anywhere between 500 dollars to a million dollars in just one deal. It completely depends on the segment you choose to excel in and this is possible because you are your own boss. As a raeltor you can work according to your own timing, balance the time between your family and wonderful career.  In general, you get to keep everyone around you happy and satisfied.

Career opportunities as a property agent are massive and are now in demand because of the flexibility the job offers. A career in real estate will keep the cash flowing because you will never run out of people who want to buy homes. A house is a man’s basic need, a form of shelter. Therefore the more you sell, the more people will buy. All you need to be is committed to the job, have a passion for meeting new people and be aggressive.

Join our team at SRi to start building your career in real estate. SRi gives you a unique advantage of investing in Singapore real estate and at the same time have the flexibility of working according to your own leisure. Email raama@sri.sg or Call us at 61003876 for a tour of our office and a discussion on a detailed structured path towards attaining your dreams!!!

New agents are professionally trained by our Team's very own
SRi Elites Course
with role plays, theory and practical sessions.

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